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Partners of 
Angela Merkel
Angela Merkel

Partners of 
Angela Merkel

Joachim Sauer


30 Dec 1998

Ulrich Merkel


married 3 Sep 1977
divorce 1985

Angela Merkel Bio Details

Full name

Angela Dorothea Merkel

Maiden name

Angela Dorothea Kasner





Date of birth

17 Jul 1954

Birth place

Hamburg, West Germany



Chancellor Of Germany (2005)


University of Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany

Chancellor of Germany
Angela Merkel

Angela Dorothea Merkel




17 Jul 1954

Angela Merkel Partner(s) Other Children

Angela Merkel Children

Daniel Sauer

born 1974, age 43 (approx.)
step-child with Joachim Sauer

Adrian Sauer

born 1976, age 41 (approx.)
step-child with Joachim Sauer

Notable German art photographer

Angela Merkel Family

Angela Merkel's parents:

Angela Merkel's father was Horst Kasner Angela Merkel's mother is Herlind Kasner

Angela Merkel's children:

Angela Merkel's step-son is Daniel Sauer Angela Merkel's step-son is Adrian Sauer

Angela Merkel's current partners:

Angela Merkel's husband is Joachim Sauer

Angela Merkel's former partners:

Angela Merkel's former husband is Ulrich Merkel

Angela Merkel's grandparents:

Angela Merkel's grandfather was Willi Jentzsch Angela Merkel's grandmother is Gertrud Drange Angela Merkel's grandfather was Ludwig Kasner Angela Merkel's grandmother is Margarethe Kazmierczak

Angela Merkel's great grandparents:

Angela Merkel's great grandfather was Emil Drange Angela Merkel's great grandmother was Emma Drange Angela Merkel's great grandfather is Wilhelm Jentzsch Angela Merkel's great grandfather is Ludwik Wojciechowski Angela Merkel's great grandmother was Anna Kazmierczak   Angela Merkel's great great grandfather was Bartomiej Kazmierczak Angela Merkel's great great grandmother was Apolonia Bielejewicz

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