Buzz Aldrin Bio Details

Full name

Colonel Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr





Date of birth

20 Jan 1930

Birth place

Montclair, New Jersey, USA



US Airforce Colonel


US Airforce Pilot (1952)

Astronaut (1963)


West Point, United States Military Academy, United States

Apollo 11

Buzz and Neil Armstrong became the first to step foot on the moon while Michael Collins piloted the spacecraft 'Columbia'. Entering into a smaller craft, the 'Eagle' landing on the moon on 20th July 1969 reporting that 'the Eagle has landed'. On the 21st July 1969, Buzz followed Neil out onto the surface of the moon describing it as magnificent desolation.
In 1998 he founded ShareSpace Foundation which promotes the expansion of manned space travel.

Buzz Aldrin

Walked on the moon along with Neil Armstrong
Buzz Aldrin

Relationship History

Michelle Sucillon


dating from 2011

Lois Driggs Cannon


marriage 14 Feb 1988
divorce 2012

Beverly Zile


marriage after 1974
divorce before 1988

Joan Archer


3 children together

marriage 29 Dec 1954
divorce 1974

Professional Partners

Ashly DelGrosso

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 22 Mar 2010
until 6 Apr 2010

Buzz Aldrin Children

James Aldrin


James Aldrin

with Joan Archer

Buzz Aldrin's Son

Janice Aldrin


Janice Aldrin

with Joan Archer

Buzz Aldrin's Daughter

Andrew Aldrin


Andrew Aldrin

with Joan Archer

Buzz Aldrin's Son

Buzz Aldrin Family

Buzz Aldrin's parents:

Buzz Aldrin's father is Edwin Aldrin Sr Buzz Aldrin's mother is Marion Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin's children:

Buzz Aldrin's son is James Aldrin Buzz Aldrin's daughter is Janice Aldrin Buzz Aldrin's son is Andrew Aldrin

Buzz Aldrin's current partners:

Buzz Aldrin is dating Michelle Sucillon

Buzz Aldrin's former partners:

Buzz Aldrin's former wife is Lois Driggs Cannon Buzz Aldrin's former wife is Beverly Zile Buzz Aldrin's former wife was Joan Archer

Buzz Aldrin's former in laws:

Buzz Aldrin's former father in law is Michael Archer Buzz Aldrin's former mother in law is C Evelyn Archer

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