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Folco Romanelli
Partner of 
Folco Romanelli

Italian Sculptor
Folco Romanelli

Folco Romanelli




6 Jan 1952

Folco Romanelli Bio Details

Full name

Folco Romanelli





Date of birth

6 Jan 1952

Birth place

England, UK



His works are in private collections and public places including "girl on a swing" in front of the theatre in st Louis in USA, the bust of Ivor Novello in the Ivor Novello theatre in the strand London, and "The Thinker" in Cephalonia.

Partners of 
Folco Romanelli



3 children together

Folco Romanelli Children

Folco Romanelli Partner(s) Other Children

Rubina Romanelli

with Unknown

Daughter of Acclaimed Sculptor Folco Romanelli

Raffaello Romanelli

born 1980, age 37 (approx.)
with Unknown

Acclaimed Italian Sculptor

Vincenzo Romanelli

born 1985, age 32 (approx.)
with Unknown

Folco Romanelli Family

Folco Romanelli's parents:

Folco Romanelli's father is Raffaello Romanelli Folco Romanelli's mother is Roysia Romanelli

Folco Romanelli's children:

Folco Romanelli's son is Raffaello Romanelli Folco Romanelli's daughter is Rubina Romanelli Folco Romanelli's son is Vincenzo Romanelli

Folco Romanelli's grandparents:

Folco Romanelli's grandfather was Romano Romanelli Folco Romanelli's grandfather is John Morton-Sale Folco Romanelli's grandmother is Isabel Morton-Sale Folco Romanelli's grandmother is Dorothea Romanelli

Folco Romanelli's great grandparents:

Folco Romanelli's great grandfather was Raffaello Romanelli   Folco Romanelli's great great grandfather was Pasquale Romanelli