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Bryan Lourd


1 child together

marriage 1991
divorce 1994

Paul Simon


relationship began 1985
until circa 1987

Carrie Fisher

Princess Leia in 'Star Wars'
Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher Bio Details

Full name

Carrie Fisher





Date of birth

21 Oct 1956

Birth place

Beverly Hills, California, USA





Manhattan Professional Children's School, New York, United States

Face up to the face

At the tender age of 19 Carrie Fisher starred in the first of the Star Wars films.  At the time she signed away her 'likeness' for free, and has said she has regretted it ever since.  Over the years the franchise has found a myriad of ways to cash in on the image of Fisher as Princess Leia.  Fisher says that during her post Star Wars battle with drugs she even encountered a strain of marijuana named after Princess Leia.

In space, no-one can here you support

While filming Star Wars, Fisher was told by Lucas that she couldn't wear a bra under her now iconic white dress.  When she asked him why he simply stated 'because there is no underwear in space.'  He claimed that the weightlessness of space would result in a person being strangled by their underwear.  She therefore had to use gaffer tape instead.

Carrie Fisher Children

Billie Lourd


Billie Lourd

with Bryan Lourd

Carrie Fisher Siblings

Todd Fisher


Joely Fisher


other parent: Connie Stevens

Trisha Fisher


other parent: Connie Stevens

Carrie Fisher Family

Carrie Fisher's parents:

Carrie Fisher's mother is Debbie Reynolds Carrie Fisher's father was Eddie Fisher

Carrie Fisher's former step-parents:

Carrie Fisher's former step-mother was Elizabeth Taylor Carrie Fisher's former step-mother is Connie Stevens Carrie Fisher's former step-mother was Betty Fisher Carrie Fisher's former step-mother is Terry Fisher Carrie Fisher's former step-father is Richard Hamlett Carrie Fisher's former step-father is Harry Karl

Carrie Fisher's children:

Carrie Fisher's daughter is Billie Lourd

Carrie Fisher's former partners:

Carrie Fisher had a relationship with Paul Simon Carrie Fisher's former husband is Bryan Lourd

Carrie Fisher's siblings:

Carrie Fisher's half-sister is Joely Fisher Carrie Fisher's brother is Todd Fisher Carrie Fisher's half-sister is Trisha Fisher

Carrie Fisher's nieces and nephews:

Carrie Fisher's niece is Skylar Duddy Carrie Fisher's niece is True Duddy Carrie Fisher's nephew is Holden Chabot

Carrie Fisher's grandparents:

Carrie Fisher's grandfather was Raymond Reynolds Carrie Fisher's grandmother was Maxine Reynolds Carrie Fisher's grandfather was Joseph Fisher Carrie Fisher's grandmother was Kate Fisher

Carrie Fisher's former step-grandparents:

Carrie Fisher's former step-grandfather is Peter Ingolia Carrie Fisher's former step-grandmother is Eleanor Ingolia Carrie Fisher's former step-grandfather was Francis Taylor Carrie Fisher's former step-grandmother was Sara Taylor

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