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Charles Duncan
Partner of 
Charles Duncan

Father of Modern Dance Pioneer Isadora Duncan
Charles Duncan

Joseph Charles Duncan

Charles Duncan
Bio Details

Full name

Joseph Charles Duncan





Left Isadora's mother amidst a banking scandal for which he was arrested and audited after 4 trials.
Her first public appearances in America made little impact, so she left for England in 1899 with her sister, Elizabeth, her brother, Raymond, and her mother. There, she and Raymond studied Greek sculpture at the British Museum which inspired her dance style and costume -- adopting the Greek tunic and dancing barefoot.

Partners of 
Charles Duncan

Dora Gray,
Mary Duncan


4 children together

married 1869
divorce 1880

Charles Duncan Children

Elizabeth Duncan

with Dora Gray, Mary Duncan

Raymond Duncan

with Dora Gray, Mary Duncan

Augustin Duncan

born 1873, died 1954, age 80
with Dora Gray, Mary Duncan

Isadora Duncan

born 1878, died 1927, age 49
with Dora Gray, Mary Duncan

Modern Dance Pioneer

Charles Duncan Partner(s) Other Children


Charles Duncan Family

Charles Duncan's children:

Charles Duncan's daughter was Isadora Duncan Charles Duncan's daughter is Elizabeth Duncan Charles Duncan's son is Raymond Duncan Charles Duncan's son was Augustin Duncan

Charles Duncan's former partners:

Charles Duncan's former wife is Dora Gray, Mary Duncan

Charles Duncan's grandchildren:

Charles Duncan's granddaughter was Deirdre Craig Charles Duncan's grandson was Patrick Singer

Charles Duncan's former in laws:

Charles Duncan's former son in law was Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin