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Partners of 
Jennifer Jones
Jennifer Jones

Partners of 
Jennifer Jones

Norton Simon



David O. Selznick


1 child together

13 Jul 1939

Robert Walker


2 children together

married Jan 1939
divorce 1944

Jennifer Jones Bio Details

Full name

Phyllis Lee Isley





Date of birth

2 Jun 1919

Birth place

Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, USA

Date of death:

17 Dec 2009

Place of death

Malibu, Los Angeles County, California, USA

American Actress
Jennifer Jones

Phyllis Lee Isley




2 Jun 1919


17 Dec 2009

Jennifer Jones Partner(s) Other Children

Jennifer Jones Children

Robert Walker Jr.

born 1940, age 77
with Robert Walker

Michael Ross Walker

born 1941, died 2007, age 66
with Robert Walker

Mary Jennifer Selznick

born 1954, died 1976, age 21
with David O. Selznick

Geoffrey Selznick

born 1932, died 1997, age 64
step-child with David O. Selznick

Daniel Selznick

born 1936, age 81
step-child with David O. Selznick

Jennifer Jones Family

Jennifer Jones's parents:

Jennifer Jones's father was Phillip Ross Isley Jennifer Jones's mother was Flora Mae Isley

Jennifer Jones's children:

Jennifer Jones's son is Robert Walker Jr. Jennifer Jones's son was Michael Ross Walker Jennifer Jones's daughter was Mary Jennifer Selznick Jennifer Jones's step-son was Geoffrey Selznick Jennifer Jones's step-son is Daniel Selznick

Jennifer Jones's current partners:

Jennifer Jones's husband was David O. Selznick Jennifer Jones's husband was Norton Simon

Jennifer Jones's former partners:

Jennifer Jones's former husband was Robert Walker

Jennifer Jones's grandparents:

Jennifer Jones's grandfather was George Washington Suber Jennifer Jones's grandmother was Lulu Suber

Jennifer Jones's uncles and aunts:

Jennifer Jones's aunt was Lottie Lee Suber