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Jesse Lasky
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Jesse Lasky

Wrote the screenplays for the Cecil B. DeMille epics "Samson and Delilah" and "The Ten Commandments"
Jesse Lasky

Jesse Louis Lasky




19 Sep 1910


11 Apr 1988

Jesse Lasky Bio Details

Full name

Jesse Louis Lasky





Date of birth

19 Sep 1910

Birth place

New York, New York County (Manhattan), New York, USA

Date of death:

11 Apr 1988

Place of death

London, England

Jesse Lasky Siblings

William Lasky


Bessie Lasky


Partners of 
Jesse Lasky

Jesse Lasky Family

Jesse Lasky's parents:

Jesse Lasky's father was Jesse L. Lasky Jesse Lasky's mother was Bessie Lasky

Jesse Lasky's siblings:

Jesse Lasky's brother is William Lasky Jesse Lasky's sister is Bessie Lasky

Jesse Lasky's grandparents:

Jesse Lasky's grandfather was Ike Lasky Jesse Lasky's grandmother was Sarah Lasky

Jesse Lasky's uncles and aunts:

Jesse Lasky's aunt was Blanche Lasky Turnbull Jesse Lasky's uncle-by-marriage was Hector Hill Turnbull

Jesse Lasky's cousins:

Jesse Lasky's cousin was Ruth Capps

Jesse Lasky's first cousins once removed:

Jesse Lasky's first cousin once removed is Blanche Stern Jesse Lasky's first cousin once removed is Alan Capps