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Pedro Alonso Lopez
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Pedro Alonso Lopez

South American serial killer known as 'The Monster of the Andes'
Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro Alonso Lopez




8 Oct 1948

Pedro Alonso Lopez Bio Details

Full name

Pedro Alonso Lopez





Date of birth

8 Oct 1948

Birth place

Santa Isabel, Tolima, Colombia

The Facts

After suffering physical and sexual abuse as a child, and later in prison, Lopez embarked on a vendetta against women on his release.  He travelled through Colombia, Peru and Ecuador, raping and murdering young girls, and burying their bodies in on of a number of mass grave sites.  When he was finally caught in Ecuador he was charged with 110 murders.

Crime and Punishment

Strangely, the notorious 'Monster of the Andes' only served 14 years in Ecuador for the murder of 110 children, and was released in 1994.  He was then deported to Colombia to face further murder charges, was declared insane and sent to a psychiatric facility in 1995.  After only 2 years he was declared sane and released on $50 bail.  On his release he disappeared and has not been found since - although he has been linked to a murder in Colombia in 2002.

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Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro Alonso Lopez Family

Pedro Alonso Lopez's parents:

Pedro Alonso Lopez's father was Medardo Reyes Pedro Alonso Lopez's mother is Benilda Lopez

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