Rip Torn Bio Details

Full name

Elmore Rudolph Torn Jr





Date of birth

6 Feb 1931

Birth place

Temple, Texas, USA



Broadway Actor (1959)


Texas A&M University, Kingsville, Texas, United States (Finished 1962)

Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute, New York, United States

Rip Torn

American Actor
Cousin to Sissy Spacek
Rip Torn

Relationship History

Geraldine Page


1 child together

Amy Wright


Rip Torn Children

Angelica Page


Angelica Page

with Geraldine Page

Rip Torn Family

Rip Torn's parents:

Rip Torn's father is Elmore Torn Rip Torn's mother was Thelma Torn

Rip Torn's children:

Rip Torn's daughter is Angelica Page

Rip Torn's current partners:

Rip Torn's wife was Geraldine Page Rip Torn has an affair with Amy Wright

Rip Torn's grandparents:

Rip Torn's grandfather was Arnold Spacek Rip Torn's grandmother was Mary Spacek

Rip Torn's uncles and aunts:

Rip Torn's uncle was Edwin Spacek Rip Torn's aunt-by-marriage is Virginia Spacek Rip Torn's uncle was Clarence Spacek Rip Torn's uncle was Rose Mae Byrd

Rip Torn's cousins:

Rip Torn's cousin is Sissy Spacek

Rip Torn's first cousins once removed:

Rip Torn's first cousin once removed is Schuyler Fisk Rip Torn's first cousin once removed is Madison Fisk