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Jimmy Wales
Partners of 
Jimmy Wales

Founder of Wikipedia & Wikia
Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Donal Wales




7 Aug 1966

Jimmy Wales Bio Details

Full name

Jimmy Donal Wales

Also known as

Jimbo Wales





Date of birth

7 Aug 1966

Birth place

Huntsville, Alabama, USA


Internet Entrepreneur


Research Director (1994 - 2000)


University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States

Randolp Achool, Alabama, United States

Founded the world's largest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, in 2001. Despite his world famous internet entrepreneurship, unlike his peers, he hasn't made vast amounts of money out of his creation.
Wikipedia is built as a wiki allowing users to collectively create, add and edit content.  By 2013 it had over 24 million entries and relied on more than 80,000 volunteers (referred to as the community) to maintain the site.  It also received over 20 billion page views a month from around 516 million visitors.  It is the 6th most visited website in the world.
Known as the B.D.F.L. (the Benevolent Dictator for Life) in the Wikipedia community whose role it is to settle disputes over entries.
One of TIME Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People”

Jimmy Wales Siblings



Partners of 
Jimmy Wales

Kate Garvey


2 children together

Oct 2012

Rachel Marsden


dated from about 2008
until 2008

Christine Wales


1 child together

married about 1997
divorce about 2008

Pamela Wales


married about 1986

Jimmy Wales Children

Jimmy Wales Partner(s) Other Children

Ada Wales

with Kate Garvey


with Kate Garvey

Kira Wales

born 2001, age 16 (approx.)
with Christine Wales

Daughte rof Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales Family

Jimmy Wales's parents:

Jimmy Wales's father is Jimmy Wales Jimmy Wales's mother is Doris Wales

Jimmy Wales's children:

Jimmy Wales's daughter is Ada Wales Jimmy Wales's daughter is Kira Wales

Jimmy Wales's current partners:

Jimmy Wales's wife is Kate Garvey

Jimmy Wales's former partners:

Jimmy Wales dated Rachel Marsden Jimmy Wales's former wife is Christine Wales Jimmy Wales's former wife is Pamela Wales

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