Peter Dinsdale Bio Details

Full name

Peter George Dinsdale

Also known as

Bruce George Peter Lee





Date of birth

31 Jul 1960

The Facts

Obsessed by fire from a young age, Peter (AKA Bruce Lee) lit a number of fires between 1973 & 1979, resulting in the deaths of 26 people.  He was imprisoned for life in 1981.

Peter Dinsdale

British serial arsonist responsible for the deaths of 26 people
Peter Dinsdale

Relationship History

Peter Dinsdale Siblings

Sharon Dinsdale


other parent: Unknown

Peter Dinsdale Family

Peter Dinsdale's parents:

Peter Dinsdale's mother is Doreen Dinsdale Peter Dinsdale's step-father is Lee

Peter Dinsdale's siblings:

Peter Dinsdale's half-sister is Sharon Dinsdale

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