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Partners of 
Joan Sims
Joan Sims

Partners of 
Joan Sims

John Walters


relationship began after 1961

Tony Baird


relationship began 1958
until 1961

Joan Sims Bio Details

Full name

Irene Joan Marion Sims





Date of birth

9 May 1930

Date of death:

27 Jun 2001


Actress (1952)


Brentwood County High School, Brentwood, Essex, England, United Kingdom

RADA : Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England, United Kingdom

Friends & lovers

Although she remained single, Joan confessed in a 2000 interview that she was lonely.  Once, her very close friend Kenneth Williams proposed.  'He said we would make the most wonderful couple. We'd give fabulous parties. We'd be the talk of the town, and he'd give me a child if I wanted one, but wouldn't sleep with me after that'.  However, she turned him down as she said she found the idea far too exhausting.
British 'Carry On' Actress
Joan Sims

Irene Joan Marion Sims




9 May 1930


27 Jun 2001

Joan Sims Family

Joan Sims's parents:

Joan Sims's father was John Sims Joan Sims's mother was Gladys Sims

Joan Sims's former partners:

Joan Sims had a relationship with John Walters Joan Sims had a relationship with Tony Baird

Joan Sims's grandparents:

Joan Sims's grandfather was Robert Sims Joan Sims's grandmother was Maud Sims

Joan Sims's uncles and aunts:

Joan Sims's uncle was Fred Sims Joan Sims's uncle was Percy Sims Joan Sims's aunt was Bertha Sims Joan Sims's uncle was Bertie Sims

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