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Tom Courtenay
Partners of 
Tom Courtenay

Lance Corporal Jones in the 2016 movie version of 'Dad's Army'
Tom Courtenay

Sir Tom Courtenay




25 Feb 1937

Tom Courtenay Bio Details

Full name

Sir Tom Courtenay





Date of birth

25 Feb 1937

Birth place

Hull, Yorkshire, England




University College London, England, United Kingdom (1955)

RADA : Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England, United Kingdom (1958)


1963 - Most Promising Newcomer To Leading Film Roles - The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner
1999 - Best TV Actor - A Rather English Marriage
2016 - Best Supporting TV Actor - Unforgotten

Tom Courtenay Siblings

Ann Courtenay


Partners of 
Tom Courtenay

Isabel Courtenay



Cheryl Kennedy


married 12 Nov 1973
divorce about 1982

Natalie Wood

Alleged Romance

Tom Courtenay Family

Tom Courtenay's parents:

Tom Courtenay's father was Thomas Courtenay Tom Courtenay's mother was Annie Courtenay

Tom Courtenay's current partners:

Tom Courtenay's wife is Isabel Courtenay

Tom Courtenay's former partners:

Tom Courtenay allegedly had a romance with Natalie Wood Tom Courtenay's former wife is Cheryl Kennedy

Tom Courtenay's siblings:

Tom Courtenay's sister is Ann Courtenay

Tom Courtenay's grandparents:

Tom Courtenay's grandmother is Mrs Quest

Tom Courtenay's great grandparents:

Tom Courtenay's great grandfather is Mr Morrel Tom Courtenay's great grandmother is Mrs Morrel

Tom Courtenay's uncles and aunts:

Tom Courtenay's uncle was Pat Courtenay Tom Courtenay's aunt-by-marriage is Dorrie Courtney Tom Courtenay's aunt is Agnes Spaven Tom Courtenay's uncle-by-marriage is Wilf Spaven Tom Courtenay's uncle is Bernard Courtenay Tom Courtenay's aunt is Marie Courtenay Tom Courtenay's aunt is Ivy Courtenay Tom Courtenay's uncle was Tommy Quest Tom Courtenay's aunt is Alice Stathers Tom Courtenay's uncle-by-marriage is Jack Stathers Tom Courtenay's aunt is Phyllis Quest Tom Courtenay's aunt is Barbara Quest Tom Courtenay's uncle is George Quest Tom Courtenay's aunt-by-marriage is Joan Quest Tom Courtenay's uncle is Jack Quest

Tom Courtenay's cousins:

Tom Courtenay's cousin is Cath Courtney Tom Courtenay's cousin is Marie Courtney

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