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Richard Armitage
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Richard Armitage

Thorin Oakenshield in 'The Hobbit' series of films
Richard Armitage

Richard Crispin Armitage




22 Aug 1971

Richard Armitage Bio Details

Full name

Richard Crispin Armitage





Date of birth

22 Aug 1971

Birth place

Huncote, Leicestershire, England




Brockington College, Enderby, Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom

Pattison College, Coventry, England, United Kingdom

LAMDA: London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, London, England, United Kingdom (1995)

Christmas Ratings Romance

On 25th of December 2006 Richard's character Harry Kennedy proposed to Dibley vicar Geraldine Granger (played by Dawn French).  That episode of 'The Vicar Of Dibley' had the highest Christmas Day audience numbers for that year.

Using The Force

During his final year at LAMDA, Richard got a small job speaking a single line the the film Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.  Although he was unidentifiable in the film due to the character being a computer graphic, he was still recognised by fans after the film was released.


When he was a child Richard fell into a pond while still in his pushchair, which has led to a fear of water and drowning. 

Richard Armitage Siblings

Christopher Armitage


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Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage Family

Richard Armitage's parents:

Richard Armitage's father is John Armitage Richard Armitage's mother is Margaret Armitage

Richard Armitage's siblings:

Richard Armitage's brother is Christopher Armitage

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