Michael Cleary Bio Details

Full name

Father Michael Cleary




59 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Dublin, Ireland

Date of death:

31 Dec 1993

Place of death

Dublin, ireland

Cause of death




Radio Presenter

One of Ireland's most popular celebrity priests famous known for his unique ability to reach out to the younger generation, his chain smoking and telling somewhat racy jokes as well as his devout Catholic views on sex, divorce and abortion. 
Hosted the Papal visit of  Pope John Paul II to Ireland in 1979.

Leading A Double Life

After his death on New Year's Eve 1993, it emerged he had had a secret lover for 26 years with whom he had had 2 sons.  The first was put up for adoption and the second was brought up by him and his lover Phyllis Hamilton.

Michael Cleary

Ireland's Singing Priest
Michael Cleary

Relationship History

Phyllis Hamilton

First Met

2 children together


Michael Cleary Children

Douglas Boyd Barrett


Douglas Boyd Barrett

with Phyllis Hamilton

Adopted Brother of Irish Politican Richard Boyd Barrett Love Child of Fr Michael Cleary

Ross Hamilton


Ross Hamilton

with Phyllis Hamilton

The Son of Fr Michael Cleary

Michael Cleary Family

Michael Cleary's children:

Michael Cleary's son is Douglas Boyd Barrett Michael Cleary's son is Ross Hamilton