Relationship History

Liam Payne

Allegedly Dated

allegedly dated from about Sep 2012
until about Sep 2012

Dennis Jauch


relationship began about Aug 2010

Lou Al-Chama


relationship began about 1994
until about Jun 2010

Leona Lewis

X Factor Winner
Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis Siblings

Kyle Lewis


Leona Lewis Family

Leona Lewis's parents:

Leona Lewis's father is Joe Josiah Leona Lewis's mother is Maria Lewis

Leona Lewis's current partners:

Leona Lewis has a relationship with Dennis Jauch

Leona Lewis's former partners:

Leona Lewis allegedly dated Liam Payne Leona Lewis had a relationship with Lou Al-Chama

Leona Lewis's siblings:

Leona Lewis's brother is Kyle Lewis

Leona Lewis's grandparents:

Leona Lewis's grandmother was Laurette Josiah

Leona Lewis's uncles and aunts:

Leona Lewis's uncle is Dorian Josiah Leona Lewis's uncle is Aubrey Josiah Leona Lewis's aunt-by-marriage is Beckie Josiah

Leona Lewis's cousins:

Leona Lewis's cousin is Billie Josiah

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The X Factor (UK) Winners


Other people in this association:

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Jesy Nelson 2011

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