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Jack Dee
Partner of 
Jack Dee

British Stand-up comedian & host of legendary radio panel game
 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue'
Jack Dee

James Andres Innes Dee




Friday 29 Sep 1961

Jack Dee
Bio Details

Full name

James Andres Innes Dee





Date of birth

Friday 29 Sep 1961

Birth place

Bromley, Kent, England


Stand-Up Comedian


Comedy Writer


Montgomery of Alamein, Winchester, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

The Pilgrims' School, Winchester, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

Peter Symonds College, Winchester, Hampshire, England, UK, United Kingdom

In his autobiography 'Thanks For Nothing' Jack dedicates the book to himself 'without whom none of this would have been possible'.

The Great Escape

While in the very first Celebrity Big Brother house in 2012, Jack tried to break out.  He initially tried to dig under the fence using a rake, and finally managed to achieve freedom by going out of a back gate.  He was found about 30 minutes later lying behind a portable office on the Big Brother grounds, having smeared mud on his face for camouflage.

Jack Dee Siblings

David Dee


Joanna Dee


Partners of 
Jack Dee

Jane Dee


4 children together


Jack Dee Children

Hattie Dee

born 1993, age 25 (approx.)
with Jane Dee

Phoebe Dee

born 1995, age 23 (approx.)
with Jane Dee

Miles Dee

born 1998, age 20 (approx.)
with Jane Dee

Charlie Dee

born 1998, age 20 (approx.)
with Jane Dee

Jack Dee Partner(s) Other Children


Jack Dee Family

Jack Dee's parents:

Jack Dee's father is Geoff Dee Jack Dee's mother is Rosemary Dee

Jack Dee's children:

Jack Dee's daughter is Hattie Dee Jack Dee's daughter is Phoebe Dee Jack Dee's son is Miles Dee Jack Dee's son is Charlie Dee

Jack Dee's current partners:

Jack Dee's wife is Jane Dee

Jack Dee's siblings:

Jack Dee's brother is David Dee Jack Dee's sister is Joanna Dee

Jack Dee's grandparents:

Jack Dee's grandfather was Lionel Stamper Jack Dee's grandmother was Edna Stamper

Jack Dee's great grandparents:

Jack Dee's great grandfather was David Howard Innes Jack Dee's great grandfather was Frederick Pope Stamper Jack Dee's great grandmother was Daisy Stamper

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