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Eddie Jordan OBE
Partner of 
Eddie Jordan OBE

Popular TV Sports presenter and pundit
Former boss of Jordan Formula One team
Eddie Jordan OBE

Edmund Patrick Jordan




30 Mar 1948

Eddie Jordan OBE Bio Details

Full name

Edmund Patrick Jordan





Date of birth

30 Mar 1948

Birth place

Wentworth Nursing Home, Dublin, Ireland


Saint Anne's Pre-School, Milton, Dublin, Ireland

Synge Street Christian Brothers School (CBS), Dublin,, Ireland

Institute of Bankers, Dublin, Ireland

University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

After school Eddie studied dentistry at University College Dublin for just six months. His grandfather had been a dentist.
Part owner of racehorse Rostropovich.

Eddie Jordan OBE Siblings

Helen McCarthy


Partners of 
Eddie Jordan OBE

Marie Jordan


4 children together

25 Jul 1979

Eddie Jordan OBE Children

Eddie Jordan OBE Partner(s) Other Children

Zoe Jordan

born 1980, age 36
with Marie Jordan

Miki Critchley

born 1983, age 34 (approx.)
with Marie Jordan

Zak Jordan

born 1986, age 31 (approx.)
with Marie Jordan

Killer Jordan Kyle Jordan

born 1989, age 28 (approx.)
with Marie Jordan

Eddie Jordan OBE Family

Eddie Jordan OBE's parents:

Eddie Jordan OBE's father is Paddy Jordan Eddie Jordan OBE's mother was Eileen Jordan

Eddie Jordan OBE's children:

Eddie Jordan OBE's daughter is Zoe Jordan Eddie Jordan OBE's daughter is Miki Critchley Eddie Jordan OBE's son is Zak Jordan Eddie Jordan OBE's son is Killer Jordan Kyle Jordan

Eddie Jordan OBE's current partners:

Eddie Jordan OBE's wife is Marie Jordan

Eddie Jordan OBE's siblings:

Eddie Jordan OBE's sister is Helen McCarthy

Eddie Jordan OBE's grandchildren:

Eddie Jordan OBE's granddaughter is Eden Aspinall Eddie Jordan OBE's granddaughter is Dylan Aspinall

Eddie Jordan OBE's uncles and aunts:

Eddie Jordan OBE's aunt is Lilian Jordan Eddie Jordan OBE's aunt is Mother Rectrus of the Irish Sisters of Charity

Eddie Jordan OBE's in laws:

Eddie Jordan OBE's son in law is Steve Aspinall Eddie Jordan OBE's son in law is Tom Critchley

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