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Partners of 
Marilyn Galsworthy
Marilyn Galsworthy

Partners of 
Marilyn Galsworthy

Manoli Olympitis


relationship began about Aug 1994
until before Jul 1995

Brian Lennard


3 children together

married 1981
divorce 1995

Marilyn Galsworthy
Bio Details

Full name

Marilyn Galsworthy




64 (approx.)

Date of birth

Thursday 01 Jan 1953

Birth place

Brighton, Sussex, England, UK

Marilyn allegedly named all three daughters after her husband's mistresses as: "a tribute to those who didn't make it"
Bond Girl: Played Stromberg's assistant in The Spy Who Loved Me. 
Shakespearian Actress 
Bond Girl
Marilyn Galsworthy

Marilyn Galsworthy


64 (approx.)


Thursday 01 Jan 1953

Marilyn Galsworthy Partner(s) Other Children

Marilyn Galsworthy Children

Jessica Lennard

born 1982, age 35 (approx.)
with Brian Lennard

Jasmine Lennard

born 1985, age 31
with Brian Lennard

Reality TV Star

Pandora Lennard

born 1988, age 29 (approx.)
with Brian Lennard


Marilyn Galsworthy Family

Marilyn Galsworthy's children:

Marilyn Galsworthy's daughter is Jasmine Lennard Marilyn Galsworthy's daughter is Jessica Lennard Marilyn Galsworthy's daughter is Pandora Lennard

Marilyn Galsworthy's former partners:

Marilyn Galsworthy's former husband is Brian Lennard Marilyn Galsworthy had a relationship with Manoli Olympitis

Marilyn Galsworthy's grandchildren:

Marilyn Galsworthy's grandson is Phoenix Binzer-Lennard

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