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Tom Whedon
Partners of 
Tom Whedon

Writer for TV shows 'The Golden Girls' & 'Captain Kangaroo'
Tom Whedon

Thomas Avery Whedon




Wednesday 03 Aug 1932

Tom Whedon
Bio Details

Full name

Thomas Avery Whedon





Date of birth

Wednesday 03 Aug 1932

Birth place

New York, USA




Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, New Hampshire, United States (Finished 1951)

Tom Whedon Siblings

Julia Whedon


Partners of 
Tom Whedon

Pamela Whedon


2 children together


Lee Stearns


3 children together

married May 1959
divorce about 1973

Tom Whedon Children

Samuel Whedon

born 1960, age 58 (approx.)
with Lee Stearns

Matthew Thomas Whedon

born 1962, age 56 (approx.)
with Lee Stearns

Joss Whedon

born 1964, age 53
with Lee Stearns

Creator & Director of cult hits 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' and the 'Avengers' films

Jed Whedon

born 1974, age 43
with Pamela Whedon

Writer & Producer on 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'

Zachary Whedon

born 1979, age 38
with Pamela Whedon

Writer for the HBO series 'Deadwood'

Tom Whedon Partner(s) Other Children


Tom Whedon Family

Tom Whedon's parents:

Tom Whedon's father was John Ogden Whedon Tom Whedon's mother is Louise Whedon

Tom Whedon's children:

Tom Whedon's son is Joss Whedon Tom Whedon's son is Jed Whedon Tom Whedon's son is Zachary Whedon Tom Whedon's son is Samuel Whedon Tom Whedon's son is Matthew Thomas Whedon

Tom Whedon's current partners:

Tom Whedon's wife is Pamela Whedon

Tom Whedon's former partners:

Tom Whedon's former wife is Lee Stearns

Tom Whedon's siblings:

Tom Whedon's sister is Julia Whedon

Tom Whedon's grandparents:

Tom Whedon's grandfather was Burt Denison Whedon

Tom Whedon's grandchildren:

Tom Whedon's grandson is Arden Whedon Tom Whedon's granddaughter is Squire Whedon

Tom Whedon's uncles and aunts:

Tom Whedon's uncle was Roger Whedon

Tom Whedon's in laws:

Tom Whedon's daughter in law is Kai Cole Whedon

Tom Whedon's former in laws:

Tom Whedon's former father in law is James Harvey Jeffries Tom Whedon's former mother in law was Anna Lee Jeffries Tom Whedon's former step-mother in law is Margaret Jeffries