Relationship History

John David Carson


marriage 1976
divorce 1977

Bernie Cornfeld


dated from 1974
until 1974

Earle Lamm


marriage 1970

Alfred Bloomingdale


affair from about 1970
until about 1982

Robert Shulman


Vicki Morgan

Mistress of Alfred Bloomingdale
Vicki Morgan

Vicki Morgan Bio Details

Full name

Vicki Morgan





Date of birth

9 Aug 1952

Birth place

Colorado Springs, El Paso County, Colorado, USA

Date of death:

7 Jul 1983

Place of death

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, USA

Cause of death


A bitter end

Vicki met Marvin Pancoast in a rehab facility in 1979.  He moved in with her in June 1983 as they were both struggling financially.  However, he described the experience as 'pure hell', being treated almost as a slave, with her constant demands that he cook, clean and go to the shop at all hours of the day and night.  On the night of the 7th of July 1983 she became particularly demanding of him, so he went to his car to fetch a baseball bat, returned and beat her to death.

Vicki Morgan Family

Vicki Morgan's parents:

Vicki Morgan's mother is Constance Laney

Vicki Morgan's former partners:

Vicki Morgan dated Bernie Cornfeld Vicki Morgan had an affair with Alfred Bloomingdale Vicki Morgan's former husband was John David Carson Vicki Morgan's former husband is Earle Lamm Vicki Morgan's former husband is Robert Shulman