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Partners of 
Marnie Simpson
Marnie Simpson

Partners of 
Marnie Simpson

Lewis Bloor

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed Feb 2017

Ricky Rayment

Broken Engagement

engaged from Jun 2015
until about Aug 2015

Scotty T

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from Oct 2013

Gary Beadle


dated from about 2013

Aaron Chalmers

On-Off relationship

until 2016

Marnie Simpson Bio Details

Full name

Marnie Simpson




Reality TV Personality

Appeared in 'Geordie Shore'
Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson

Marnie Simpson Family

Marnie Simpson's current partners:

Marnie Simpson has an on-off relationship with Lewis Bloor Marnie Simpson has a brief liaison with Scotty T

Marnie Simpson's former partners:

Marnie Simpson is the former fiance of Ricky Rayment Marnie Simpson dated Gary Beadle Marnie Simpson had an on-off relationship with Aaron Chalmers

Marnie Simpson FameChain Links

Celebrity Big Brother (UK) 2016 - series 18


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