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Partners of 
Katie Wagner
Katie Wagner

Partners of 
Katie Wagner

Leif Lewis


1 child together

7 Jul 2007

Julian Lennon


relationship began circa 1986
until circa 1989

Dweezil Zappa


until before Mar 1988

Katie Wagner Bio Details

Full name

Katiharine Wagner





Date of birth

11 May 1964

Birth place

Los Angeles, California, USA

Katie Wagner Siblings

Peter Donen


other parent: Stanley Donen

Josh Donen


other parent: Stanley Donen

Courtney Wagner


other parent: Natalie Wood

Katie Wagner

Katiharine Wagner




11 May 1964

Katie Wagner Partner(s) Other Children

Katie Wagner Children

Riley Wagner-Lewis

born 2006, age 10
with Leif Lewis

Katie Wagner Family

Katie Wagner's parents:

Katie Wagner's step-mother is Jill St. John Katie Wagner's mother is Marion Marshall Katie Wagner's father is Robert Wagner

Katie Wagner's former step-parents:

Katie Wagner's former step-mother was Natalie Wood Katie Wagner's former step-father is Stanley Donen

Katie Wagner's children:

Katie Wagner's son is Riley Wagner-Lewis

Katie Wagner's current partners:

Katie Wagner's husband is Leif Lewis

Katie Wagner's former partners:

Katie Wagner had a relationship with Julian Lennon Katie Wagner dated Dweezil Zappa

Katie Wagner's siblings:

Katie Wagner's half-brother is Josh Donen Katie Wagner's half-brother is Peter Donen Katie Wagner's half-sister is Courtney Wagner

Katie Wagner's grandparents:

Katie Wagner's grandfather is Robert Wagner Sr Katie Wagner's grandmother is Thelma Wagner

Katie Wagner's step-grandparents:

Katie Wagner's step-grandfather is Edward Oppenheim Katie Wagner's step-grandmother is Betty Oppenheim

Katie Wagner's former step-grandparents:

Katie Wagner's former step-grandfather is Nikolai Gurdin Katie Wagner's former step-grandmother was Maria Gurdin