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Claus Toksvig
Partner of 
Claus Toksvig

Danish European politician, former journalist
Father of Sandi Toksvig
Claus Toksvig

Claus Beriel Toksvig




Monday 21 Oct 1929


5 Nov 1988

Claus Toksvig
Bio Details

Full name

Claus Beriel Toksvig





Date of birth

Monday 21 Oct 1929

Birth place

Copenhagen, Denmark

Date of death:

5 Nov 1988

Place of death

Kendal, Westmorland, England, UK

Partners of 
Claus Toksvig

Julie Toksvig


3 children together

May 1954

Claus Toksvig Children

Nick Toksvig

born 1956, age 62 (approx.)
with Julie Toksvig

Sandi Toksvig

born 1958, age 59
with Julie Toksvig

Much loved cerebral comedienne New presenter of QI and Bake Off

Jenifer Toksvig

born 1970, age 48 (approx.)
with Julie Toksvig

Claus Toksvig Partner(s) Other Children


Claus Toksvig Family

Claus Toksvig's parents:

Claus Toksvig's father is Harald Toksvig Claus Toksvig's mother is Karen Frederikke Clausen-Kaas

Claus Toksvig's children:

Claus Toksvig's daughter is Sandi Toksvig Claus Toksvig's son is Nick Toksvig Claus Toksvig's daughter is Jenifer Toksvig

Claus Toksvig's current partners:

Claus Toksvig's wife was Julie Toksvig

Claus Toksvig's grandchildren:

Claus Toksvig's adopted granddaughter is Jessie Toksvig-Stewart Claus Toksvig's adopted granddaughter is Megan Toksvig-Stewart Claus Toksvig's adopted grandson is Theo Toksvig-Stewart

Claus Toksvig's in laws:

Claus Toksvig's daughter in law is Debbie Toksvig