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Glen Kidston
Partners of 
Glen Kidston

Aviator and Motor Racing Driver
Glen Kidston

Lt.-Cdr. George Pearson Glen Kidston




23 Jan 1899


5 May 1931

Glen Kidston Bio Details

Full name

Lt.-Cdr. George Pearson Glen Kidston





Date of birth

23 Jan 1899

Birth place

Kensington, London, England, UK

Date of death:

5 May 1931

Place of death

Natal, South Africa

Cause of death

Aviation accident


British Royal Navy Officer

Partners of 
Glen Kidston

Barbara Cartland


affair from about 1931

Nancy Kidston


1 child together


Glen Kidston Children

Glen Kidston Partner(s) Other Children

Archibald Kidston

born 1927, died 1978, age 50 (approx.)
with Nancy Kidston

Serena Sheffield

born 1932, died 1997, age 64
step-child with Nancy Kidston

Robert Sheffield

born 1935, died 1945, age 9
step-child with Nancy Kidston

Fiona Sheffield

born 1939, age 77
step-child with Nancy Kidston

Reginald Sheffield

born 1946, age 70
step-child with Nancy Kidston

Glen Kidston Family

Glen Kidston's parents:

Glen Kidston's father was Archibald Kidston Glen Kidston's mother was Helene Kidston

Glen Kidston's children:

Glen Kidston's son was Archibald Kidston Glen Kidston's step-daughter was Serena Sheffield Glen Kidston's step-son was Robert Sheffield Glen Kidston's step-daughter is Fiona Sheffield Glen Kidston's step-son is Reginald Sheffield

Glen Kidston's current partners:

Glen Kidston's wife was Nancy Kidston

Glen Kidston's former partners:

Glen Kidston had an affair with Barbara Cartland

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