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Partners of 
Sharon Tate
Sharon Tate

Partners of 
Sharon Tate

Roman Polanski


1 child together

20 Jan 1968

Steve McQueen


affair from about 1965

Jay Sebring

Broken Engagement

engaged from about 1964
until about 1965

Sharon Tate Bio Details

Full name

Sharon Marie Tate





Date of birth

24 Jan 1943

Birth place

Dallas, Texas, USA

Date of death:

9 Aug 1969

Place of death

Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of death

Murdered by the Manson Family


Actress (1960 (ca.) - 1969)

Sharon Tate Siblings

Patricia Tate


Wife of Roman Polanski,
& Manson Family Murder Victim
Sharon Tate

Sharon Marie Tate




24 Jan 1943


9 Aug 1969

Sharon Tate Partner(s) Other Children

Sharon Tate Children

Paul Richard Polanski

born 1969, died 1969, age 0 days
with Roman Polanski

Sharon Tate Family

Sharon Tate's parents:

Sharon Tate's father was Paul Tate Sharon Tate's mother was Doris Tate

Sharon Tate's children:

Sharon Tate's son was Paul Richard Polanski

Sharon Tate's current partners:

Sharon Tate's husband was Roman Polanski

Sharon Tate's former partners:

Sharon Tate had an affair with Steve McQueen Sharon Tate is the former fiance of Jay Sebring

Sharon Tate's siblings:

Sharon Tate's sister was Patricia Tate

Sharon Tate's in laws:

Sharon Tate's father in law is Ryszard Polanski Sharon Tate's mother in law was Bula Polanski