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Jim Parsons
Partner of 
Jim Parsons

Plays Sheldon Cooper in 'The Big Bang Theory'
Jim Parsons

James Joseph Parsons




24 Mar 1973

Jim Parsons Bio Details

Full name

James Joseph Parsons





Date of birth

24 Mar 1973

Birth place

Houston, Texas, USA


Actor (2001)


Klein Oak High School, Spring, Texas, United States

University of Houston, Houston, United States

University of San Diego, San Diego, California, United States

Family Designs

Jim's ancestor, Parisian architect Louis Francois Trouard, was architect to King Louis XV.

Jim Parsons Siblings

Julie Parsons


Partners of 
Jim Parsons

Todd Spiewak


relationship began about 2002


Favourite Books

Katherine Dunn's Geek Love

Worse job

Bank Teller


Has a shih-tzu and a maltese

Jim Parsons Family

Jim Parsons's parents:

Jim Parsons's father was Milton Parsons Jim Parsons's mother is Judy Parsons

Jim Parsons's current partners:

Jim Parsons has a relationship with Todd Spiewak

Jim Parsons's siblings:

Jim Parsons's sister is Julie Parsons

Jim Parsons's grandparents:

Jim Parsons's grandfather is Milton Parsons Sr.

Jim Parsons's great grandparents:

Jim Parsons's great grandfather was Thaddeus Parsons Jim Parsons's great grandmother was Jeanne Parsons   Jim Parsons's great great grandfather was Charles P. Hacker Jim Parsons's great great grandmother was Adele Hacker   Jim Parsons's 3x great grandfather was August A. Drouet Jim Parsons's 3x great grandmother was Anais Drouet Jim Parsons's 3x great grandfather was John B. Hacker   Jim Parsons's 4x great grandfather was Prosper Trouard Jim Parsons's 4x great grandmother was Eliza Trouard   Jim Parsons's 5x great grandfather was Alexandre Louis Trouard Jim Parsons's 5x great grandmother was Anne Marie Trouard   Jim Parsons's 6x great grandfather was Louis Francois Trouard Jim Parsons's 6x great grandmother was Genevieve Trouard   Jim Parsons's 7x great grandfather was Louis Trouard

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