Billy Connolly CBE Bio Details

Full name

William Connolly

Also known as

The Big Yin





Date of birth

24 Nov 1942

Birth place

Anderson, Glasgow, Scotland, UK







St. Gerard's Secondary School, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Musical Talent

Before his incredible success as one of the world's funniest and best loved comedians, Billy was in a folk band called The Humblebums with friends Tam Harvey and Gerry Rafferty, the latter of which went on to find success on his own in the world of music.  However, Connolly has described his own singing voice as 'like a goose farting in the fog'.  Maybe it is a good thing he went into the world of stand-up instead.......

Ill Health

In 2013 Billy was diagnosed with both prostate cancer and parkinson's disease on the same day.  The prostate was removed in October and he received the all clear, and the Parkinson's is reportedly a mild, slow moving form of the disease.

Horrible History

Billy's maternal ancestor, John O'Brien, was a soldier in the British Army stationed in Cawnpore during the Indian Rebellion.  At this fortified town, many women and children were massacred, the perpetrators were dealt with brutally by the British rulers.  He was then shipped to nearby Lucknow, where a siege of the English had been underway for three months.

Billy Connolly CBE

Scottish Superstar Comedian
Billy Connolly CBE

Relationship History

Pamela Stephenson


3 children together


Iris Pressagh


2 children together

marriage 27 Jun 1969

Billy Connolly CBE Children

Jamie Connolly


Jamie Connolly

with Iris Pressagh

Cara Connolly


Cara Connolly

with Iris Pressagh

Daisy Connolly


Daisy Connolly

with Pamela Stephenson

Amy Connolly


Amy Connolly

with Pamela Stephenson

Scarlett Connolly


Scarlett Connolly

with Pamela Stephenson

Billy Connolly CBE Siblings

Florence Connolly


Billy Connolly CBE Family

Billy Connolly CBE's parents:

Billy Connolly CBE's father was William Connolly Billy Connolly CBE's mother was Mamie Connolly

Billy Connolly CBE's children:

Billy Connolly CBE's son is Jamie Connolly Billy Connolly CBE's daughter is Cara Connolly Billy Connolly CBE's daughter is Daisy Connolly Billy Connolly CBE's daughter is Amy Connolly Billy Connolly CBE's daughter is Scarlett Connolly

Billy Connolly CBE's current partners:

Billy Connolly CBE's wife is Pamela Stephenson

Billy Connolly CBE's former partners:

Billy Connolly CBE's former wife was Iris Pressagh

Billy Connolly CBE's siblings:

Billy Connolly CBE's sister is Florence Connolly

Billy Connolly CBE's grandparents:

Billy Connolly CBE's grandmother was Florence McGowan

Billy Connolly CBE's great grandparents:

Billy Connolly CBE's great grandfather was Patrick McGowan Billy Connolly CBE's great grandmother was Mary McGowan   Billy Connolly CBE's great great grandfather was Daniel Doyle Billy Connolly CBE's great great grandmother was Margaret Doyle   Billy Connolly CBE's 3x great grandfather was John O'Brien Billy Connolly CBE's 3x great grandmother was Matilda O'Brien

Billy Connolly CBE's uncles and aunts:

Billy Connolly CBE's uncle is James Connolly Billy Connolly CBE's aunt is Mona Connolly Billy Connolly CBE's aunt is Margaret Connolly

Billy Connolly CBE's cousins:

Billy Connolly CBE's cousin is Michael Connolly

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