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Hope Solo
Hope Solo

Partners of 
Hope Solo

Relationship History

Jerramy Stevens


13 Nov 2012

Professional Partners

Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 19 Sep 2011
until 15 Nov 2011

Hope Solo Bio Details

Full name

Hope Amelia Solo

Also known as

Hope Amelia Stevens





Date of birth

30 Jul 1981

Birth place

Richland, Washington, USA



Strange beginnings

Hope was conceived during a conjugal visit between her parents while her father was in prison.  When he was released he came to live with Hope and her mother and brother.  Her father had two other children from a previous marriage - also to a woman named Judy Lynn Solo.

Hope Solo Siblings

David Solo


other parent: Judy Lynn Solo

Terry Solo


other parent: Judy Lynn Solo

Marcus Solo


American Soccer Team Goalkeeper
Winner of 2 Olympic Gold Medals
Hope Solo

Hope Amelia Solo




30 Jul 1981

Hope Solo Family

Hope Solo's parents:

Hope Solo's father was Gerry Solo Hope Solo's mother is Judy Solo Hope Solo's step-father is Glenn Burnett

Hope Solo's former step-parents:

Hope Solo's former step-mother is Judy Lynn Solo

Hope Solo's current partners:

Hope Solo's husband is Jerramy Stevens

Hope Solo's siblings:

Hope Solo's half-brother is David Solo Hope Solo's half-sister is Terry Solo Hope Solo's brother is Marcus Solo

Hope Solo's grandparents:

Hope Solo's grandfather was Pete Shaw Hope Solo's grandmother was Alice Shaw

Hope Solo's uncles and aunts:

Hope Solo's aunt is Kathy Shaw

Hope Solo FameChain Links

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