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Lucas White
Partner of 
Lucas White

Lucas White

Lucas Charles White


43 (approx.)


Oct 1974

Lucas White
Bio Details

Full name

Lucas Charles White




43 (approx.)

Date of birth

Oct 1974

Birth place

London, England, UK

Lucas White Siblings

Carolina White


other parent: Elizabeth Vasquez

Sita White


other parent: Elizabeth Vasquez

Partners of 
Lucas White

Normandie Keith


1 child together

married 2000
separated about 2009

Lucas White Children

Finn White

born 2006, age 12 (approx.)
with Normandie Keith

Lucas White Partner(s) Other Children


Lucas White Family

Lucas White's parents:

Lucas White's father was Sir Gordon White : Lord White Of Hull Lucas White's mother was Virginia North, Lady White Lucas White's step-mother is Victoria White Lucas White's step-mother is Elizabeth Vasquez

Lucas White's children:

Lucas White's son is Finn White

Lucas White's former partners:

Lucas White's former wife is Normandie Keith

Lucas White's siblings:

Lucas White's half-sister is Carolina White Lucas White's half-sister was Sita White

Lucas White's nieces and nephews:

Lucas White's niece is Tyrian White

Lucas White's grandparents:

Lucas White's grandfather is Allen Northrop Lucas White's grandmother is Bettylou Northrop