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Ben Burtt Jr.
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Ben Burtt Jr.

Darth Vader's breathing in the Star Wars films
Ben Burtt Jr.

Benjamin Burtt Jr.




12 Jul 1948

Ben Burtt Jr. Bio Details

Full name

Benjamin Burtt Jr.





Date of birth

12 Jul 1948

Birth place

Jamesville, New York, USA


Sound Engineer

Can you hear Wilhelm?

Burtt is responsible for the proliferation of the now famous 'Wilhelm Scream' which has been used in over 300 films so far, beginning in the 1951 film 'The Distant Drums'.  He has included it in such films as the Star Wars trilogy and the Indiana Jones movies.  Directors Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton and Peter Jackson include the Wilhelm Scream in almost every one of their films.

Lord Vader....

In his quest to find exactly the right sound for Darth Vader's iconic breathing, Burtt visited a dive shop and asked if he could record himself using various scuba masks and regulators.  The result was cleaned up in the studio and is now a fully trademarked sound.

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Ben Burtt Jr.

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