Ryan O'Neal Bio Details

Full name

Charles Patrick Ryan O'Neal





Date of birth

20 Apr 1941

Birth place

Los Angeles, California, USA


Actor (1960)


Munich American High School, Munich, Germany (Finished 1959)

Originally set out to be a boxer before breaking into acting in 1960
Played the romantic hero Oliver Barrett IV in the 1970 hit movie Love Story.

Ryan O'Neal

Hollywood Heartthrob 
Ryan O'Neal

Relationship History

Farrah Fawcett



Anjelica Huston


affair from 1975
until 1977

Leigh Taylor-Young


1 child together

marriage 1967

Joanna Moore


2 children together

marriage 1963
divorce 1967

Britt Ekland


Ursula Andress

Alleged Affair

Bianca Jagger

Alleged Affair

Ryan O'Neal Children

Griffin O'Neal


Griffin O'Neal

with Joanna Moore

Son of Hollywood Star Ryan O'Neal

Tatum O'Neal


Tatum O'Neal

with Joanna Moore

US Actress & Author Daughter of Ryan O'Neal & Ex Wife of John McEnroe

Patrick O'Neal


Patrick O'Neal

with Leigh Taylor-Young

Redmond O'Neil


Redmond O'Neil

with Farrah Fawcett

Son of Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal

Ryan O'Neal Siblings

Kevin O'Neal


Ryan O'Neal Family

Ryan O'Neal's parents:

Ryan O'Neal's mother is Patricia O'Neal Ryan O'Neal's father is Charles O'Neal

Ryan O'Neal's children:

Ryan O'Neal's daughter is Tatum O'Neal Ryan O'Neal's son is Griffin O'Neal Ryan O'Neal's son is Patrick O'Neal Ryan O'Neal's son is Redmond O'Neil

Ryan O'Neal's current partners:

Ryan O'Neal did reunite with Farrah Fawcett

Ryan O'Neal's former partners:

Ryan O'Neal had an affair with Britt Ekland Ryan O'Neal had an affair with Anjelica Huston Ryan O'Neal allegedly had an affair with Ursula Andress Ryan O'Neal allegedly had an affair with Bianca Jagger Ryan O'Neal's former wife is Leigh Taylor-Young Ryan O'Neal's former husband was Joanna Moore

Ryan O'Neal's siblings:

Ryan O'Neal's brother is Kevin O'Neal

Ryan O'Neal's grandchildren:

Ryan O'Neal's granddaughter is Sophia O'Neal Ryan O'Neal's granddaughter is Veronica O'Neal

Ryan O'Neal's former in laws:

Ryan O'Neal's former son in law is John McEnroe Ryan O'Neal's former daughter in law is Rebecca De Mornay Ryan O'Neal's former father in law was Henry Cook Ryan O'Neal's former mother in law was Dorothy Cook Ryan O'Neal's former sister in law was Virginia Cook