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Gloria Hendry
Gloria Hendry

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Gloria Hendry

Gloria Hendry
Bio Details

Full name

Gloria Hendry

Also known as

Gloria Henry





Date of birth

Thursday 03 Mar 1949

Birth place

Winter Haven, Florida, USA



Legal Secretary


Playboy Bunny (1968 - 1972)


Essex College of Business, New Jersey, United States

Multiple-Career girl

Gloria was working as a legal secretary for the New York office of the NAACP when Martin Luthor King was assassinated.  After being worn down by the constant threats and bomb scares, she decided she wanted a bit more glamour in her life and became a Playboy Bunny for 4 years before embarking on a career as an actress.  She said that the time she spent as a Bunny was empowering and gave her the confidence to explore acting as a black woman in a predominantly white world.

Breaking Barriers

The love scene between Gloria's character and Roger Moore's James Bond in 'Live and Let Die' was the first time an African American woman had been Bond's love interest.  Sadly, the scene was cut when the film was shown in South Africa due to the apartheid laws at the time.

Bedroom Embarrassment

While filming the bedroom scene with Roger Moore, Gloria realised she had eaten garlic the night before.  While she was lying on top of him she told him, but he replied 'Don't worry, I'm married to an Italian woman!'


After her role in 'Live and Let Die' Gloria went on to star in a number of 1970's Blaxploitation films, portraying a number of tough African American women, in such films as 'Black Caesar', 'Savage Sisters' and 'Black Belt Jones'.

Gloria Hendry Siblings

Gladys Hendry


Bond Girl:Rosie Carver in Live And Let Die
Gloria Hendry

Gloria Hendry




Thursday 03 Mar 1949


Gloria Hendry Family

Gloria Hendry's parents:

Gloria Hendry's mother is Lottie Henry

Gloria Hendry's siblings:

Gloria Hendry's sister is Gladys Hendry

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