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Partners of 
Famke Janssen
Famke Janssen

Partners of 
Famke Janssen

Cole Frates


dating from 2006

Kip Williams


married 1995
divorce 2000

Famke Janssen
Bio Details

Full name

Famke Beumer Janssen




53 (approx.)

Date of birth

Wednesday 01 Jan 1964

Birth place








Columbia University, New York, United States

University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Feisty Famke

Famke plays the saucily named Xenia Onatop, henchwoman to GoldenEye villain Alec Trevelyan.  Xenia likes to dispatch her enemies by squeezing them to death between her thighs.

The worst luck ever....

Poor old Famke's latest character, Lenore Mills, has possibly the worst family luck, being involved in a variety of kidnaps and dramas in the series of 'Taken' movies by Luc Besson.

European tongue twister

The multi-lingual Famke speaks fluent Dutch, English, German and French, and her Dutch narration can be heard on the Studio Tram Tours at the Disney theme parks.
Veganism and not drinking out of plastic bottles is part of Famke's healthy regime.  She believes chemicals from the bottle can leach into the water, although this has not been proved.  Her veganism she attributes to her love of animals.  "When you get that close to an animal, things change and it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a dog or a chicken or a cow – they all have feelings and all have emotions".
The name Famke - pronounced fam-KEY - means 'little girl' in Dutch.
In 2008 Miss Janssen was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for Integrity to the United Nations, as well as being an active supporter of PETA.
Being 5'11" tall was advantageous for Famke, when playing apposite the original 'Tall Guy' Jeff Goldblum in her first film role as Kyle Christian in 'Fathers & Sons'.

Famke Janssen Siblings

Antoinette Beumer


Marjolein Beumer


Plays Dr Jean Grey / Phoenix in the 'X-Men' films
Famke Janssen

Famke Beumer Janssen


53 (approx.)


Wednesday 01 Jan 1964


Famke Janssen Family

Famke Janssen's current partners:

Famke Janssen is dating Cole Frates

Famke Janssen's former partners:

Famke Janssen's former husband is Kip Williams

Famke Janssen's siblings:

Famke Janssen's sister is Antoinette Beumer Famke Janssen's sister is Marjolein Beumer

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