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Nikki Van Der Zyl
Nikki Van Der Zyl

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Nikki Van Der Zyl

Nikki Van Der Zyl Bio Details

Full name

Monique Van Der Zyl





Date of birth

27 Apr 1935

Birth place

Berlin, Germany

Dubbed many of the female speaking voices in the first two James Bond movies. Nikki voiced Ursula Andress' speaking and singing voice in Dr No. (Although composer Monty Norman's wife Diana Coupland sang 'Underneath The Mango Tree' on the soundtrack album).
One of cinema's most prolific voice Actresses
Dubbed many Bond girls
Nikki Van Der Zyl

Monique Van Der Zyl




27 Apr 1935

Nikki Van Der Zyl Family

Nikki Van Der Zyl's parents:

Nikki Van Der Zyl's father was Rabbi Werner Van Der Zyl Nikki Van Der Zyl's mother is Anneliese Van Der Zyl

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