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Partners of 
Louise Flood
Louise Flood

Partners of 
Louise Flood

Darren Flood


1 child together

30 Nov 2009

Haydn Isted


2 children together

married May 2002
divorce 2007

Stephen Lawrence


1 child together

relationship began circa 1997
until circa 1998

Ryan Giggs


Louise Flood Bio Details

Full name

Louise Suzanne Flood

Maiden name

Louise Adams





Date of birth

21 Jul 1976

Birth place

Harlow, London, UK



TV Presenter

Louise Flood Siblings

Victoria Beckham


Christian Adams


Louise Flood

Louise Suzanne Flood




21 Jul 1976

Louise Flood Partner(s) Other Children

Louise Flood Children

Liberty Adams

born 1998, age 18 (approx.)
with Stephen Lawrence

Talulah-May Isted

born 2002, age 14 (approx.)
with Haydn Isted

Finlay Isted

born 2004, age 12 (approx.)
with Haydn Isted

Quincy Flood

born 2010, age 6 (approx.)
with Darren Flood

Louise Flood Family

Louise Flood's parents:

Louise Flood's father is Tony Adams Louise Flood's mother is Jackie Adams

Louise Flood's children:

Louise Flood's daughter is Liberty Adams Louise Flood's daughter is Talulah-May Isted Louise Flood's son is Finlay Isted Louise Flood's daughter is Quincy Flood

Louise Flood's current partners:

Louise Flood's husband is Darren Flood

Louise Flood's former partners:

Louise Flood had a relationship with Ryan Giggs Louise Flood's former husband is Haydn Isted Louise Flood had a relationship with Stephen Lawrence

Louise Flood's siblings:

Louise Flood's sister is Victoria Beckham Louise Flood's brother is Christian Adams

Louise Flood's nieces and nephews:

Louise Flood's nephew is Brooklyn Beckham Louise Flood's nephew is Romeo Beckham Louise Flood's nephew is Cruz Beckham Louise Flood's niece is Harper Beckham

Louise Flood's grandparents:

Louise Flood's grandfather was George Cannon Louise Flood's grandmother is Dorothy Cannon Louise Flood's grandfather is William Adams Louise Flood's grandmother is Alice Adams

Louise Flood's great grandparents:

Louise Flood's great grandfather is William Cannon Louise Flood's great grandmother was Mary Cannon   Louise Flood's great great grandfather was Charles Pfander Louise Flood's great great grandmother was Mary Pfander   Louise Flood's 3x great grandfather was Charles Pfander Louise Flood's 3x great grandmother was Catherine Pfander