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John Whishaw
Partner of 
John Whishaw

Ben Whishaw's German grandfather who spied for Britain
John Whishaw

John Victor Whishaw


72 (approx.)


11 Jan 1922


Nov 1994

John Whishaw Bio Details

Full name

John Victor Whishaw

Maiden name

Jean Vladimier Stellmacher




72 (approx.)

Date of birth

11 Jan 1922

Birth place

Istanbul, Turkey

Date of death:

Nov 1994

Place of death

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, UK





According to his grandson Ben, John was German with a German father and a Russian mother, but during WWII he spied for the British. He reportedly had an eidetic memory ('photographic') and worked as a mole within the German Army. In 1942 he crossed over to the British in Cairo and was assigned to the Intelligence Corps.

Partners of 
John Whishaw

Olga Whishaw


1 child together

30 Dec 1948

John Whishaw Children

John Whishaw Partner(s) Other Children

Jose Whishaw

with Olga Whishaw

John Whishaw Family

John Whishaw's children:

John Whishaw's son is Jose Whishaw

John Whishaw's current partners:

John Whishaw's wife was Olga Whishaw

John Whishaw's grandchildren:

John Whishaw's grandson is Ben Whishaw

John Whishaw's former in laws:

John Whishaw's former daughter in law is Linda Whishaw