Erik Carlsson Bio Details

Full name

Erik Carlsson

Also known as


Mr. Saab





Date of birth

5 Mar 1929

Birth place

Trollhattan, Sweden

Date of death:

26 May 2015


Racing Driver

Erik was often known as Carlsson på taket or Carlsson-on-the-roof due to his propensity for turning his car over.  He rarely used his brakes when racing so as not to lose speed and instead developed the 'power-on' technique of breaking with his left foot while maintaining acceleration with his right.  This led to his obtaining his nickname.

Erik Carlsson

Post-War International Rallying Star
Erik Carlsson

Relationship History

Pat Moss-Carlsson


1 child together

1963 - 2008

Erik Carlsson Children

Suzy Carlsson


Suzy Carlsson

with Pat Moss-Carlsson

Erik Carlsson Family

Erik Carlsson's children:

Erik Carlsson's daughter is Suzy Carlsson

Erik Carlsson's former partners:

Erik Carlsson's former wife was Pat Moss-Carlsson

Erik Carlsson's former in laws:

Erik Carlsson's former brother in law is Sir Stirling Moss OBE Erik Carlsson's former father in law was Alfred Moss Erik Carlsson's former mother in law was Aileen Moss