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Jimmy Kimmel
Partners of 
Jimmy Kimmel

US Talk Show Host
Jimmy Kimmel

James Christian Kimmel




Monday 13 Nov 1967

Jimmy Kimmel
Bio Details

Full name

James Christian Kimmel





Date of birth

Monday 13 Nov 1967

Birth place

Brooklyn, New York, USA


Talkshow Host

Production Company Owner


University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Arizona State University, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Won a Daytime Emmy in 1999 for Outstanding Game Show Host for Win Ben Stein's Money.
Runs his own production company, Jackhole Industries, with Daniel Kellison and Carolla.

Jimmy Kimmel Siblings

Jill Bryan


Jonathan Kimmel


Partners of 
Jimmy Kimmel

Molly McNearney


2 children together

Jul 2013

Sarah Silverman


2008 - 2009

Gina Kimmel


2 children together

married 1988
divorce 2002

Jimmy Kimmel Children

Katherine Kimmel

born 1992, age 25 (approx.)
with Gina Kimmel

Daughter of TV Host Jimmy Kimmel

Kevin Kimmel

born 1994, age 23 (approx.)
with Gina Kimmel

Son of TV Host Jimmy Kimmel

Jane Kimmel

born 2014, age 3
with Molly McNearney

Daughter of TV Host Jimmy Kimmel

Billy Kimmel

born 2017, age 7 months
with Molly McNearney

Jimmy Kimmel Partner(s) Other Children


Jimmy Kimmel Family

Jimmy Kimmel's parents:

Jimmy Kimmel's father is Jim Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel's mother is Joan Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's children:

Jimmy Kimmel's daughter is Katherine Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel's son is Kevin Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel's daughter is Jane Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel's son is Billy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's current partners:

Jimmy Kimmel's wife is Molly McNearney

Jimmy Kimmel's former partners:

Jimmy Kimmel did reunite with Sarah Silverman Jimmy Kimmel's former wife is Gina Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's siblings:

Jimmy Kimmel's sister is Jill Bryan Jimmy Kimmel's brother is Jonathan Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's nieces and nephews:

Jimmy Kimmel's nephew is Wesley Kimmel, The Baby Bachelor Jimmy Kimmel's niece is Beatrix Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel's grandparents:

Jimmy Kimmel's grandfather was Sal Iacono Jimmy Kimmel's grandmother was Edith Iacono Jimmy Kimmel's grandfather is Charles Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel's grandmother is Jane Kimmel

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