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Partners of 
Valerie Harper
Valerie Harper

Partners of 
Valerie Harper

Relationship History

Tony Cacciotti


1 child together


Dick Schaal


married circa 1964
divorce 1978

Professional Partners

Tristan MacManus

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 16 Sep 2013
until 7 Oct 2013

Valerie Harper Bio Details

Full name

Valerie Kathryn Harper





Date of birth

22 Aug 1939

Birth place

Suffern, New York, USA



Dancer (1955)


Manhattan Professional Children's School, New York, United States

After starting her career as a dancer, Valerie pursued a move into acting and took lessons from the famous teacher Viola Spolin.   
Was cast as Rhoda Morgenstern in the Mary Tyler Moore Show in 1970.  In 1974 she was given her own show, Rhoda, based on the same character which ran until 1978.
She returned to TV in her own show called Valerie in 1986 but was fired 2 years later.  She sued NBC for wrongful dismissal, who countersuded for libel.
After beating lung cancer in 2009, Harper was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in 2013.
Has won 4 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Golden Globes

1975 - Best TV Actress - Rhoda

Valerie Harper Siblings

Leah Harper


Don Harper


Star of The Mary Tyler Moore and Rhoda
Valerie Harper

Valerie Kathryn Harper




22 Aug 1939

Valerie Harper Partner(s) Other Children

Valerie Harper Children

Cristina Cacciotti

born 1983, age 34 (approx.)
adopted with Tony Cacciotti

Daughter of US Actress Valerie Harper

Valerie Harper Family

Valerie Harper's parents:

Valerie Harper's father is Howard Harper Valerie Harper's mother is Iva Harper

Valerie Harper's children:

Valerie Harper's adopted child is Cristina Cacciotti

Valerie Harper's current partners:

Valerie Harper's husband is Tony Cacciotti

Valerie Harper's former partners:

Valerie Harper's former husband was Dick Schaal

Valerie Harper's siblings:

Valerie Harper's sister is Leah Harper Valerie Harper's brother was Don Harper

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