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Partners of 
Joy Enriquez
Joy Enriquez

Partners of 
Joy Enriquez

Rodney Jerkins


4 children together

Jul 2004

Derek Jeter


dated from Aug 2001
until before Jul 2002

Joy Enriquez Bio Details

Full name

Joy Charity Enriquez





Date of birth

6 Jun 1978

Birth place

California, USA



Reality TV Personality

Singer & Recording Artist

Joy Enriquez Siblings

Tiffany Enriquez


Josh Enriquez


American Singer and Actress
Star of The House of Joy Reality TV Show
Joy Enriquez

Joy Charity Enriquez




6 Jun 1978

Joy Enriquez Partner(s) Other Children

Joy Enriquez Children

Rodney Jerkins JR

born 2008, age 9 (approx.)
with Rodney Jerkins

Heavenly Joy Jerkins

born 2009, age 7 (approx.)
with Rodney Jerkins

Daughter of Joy Enriquez and Rodney Jerkins

Hannah Joy Jerkins

born 2012, age 4
with Rodney Jerkins

Royal Jerkins

born 2015, age 2 (approx.)
with Rodney Jerkins

Joy Enriquez Family

Joy Enriquez's parents:

Joy Enriquez's father is Randy Enriquez Joy Enriquez's mother is Helena Enriquez

Joy Enriquez's children:

Joy Enriquez's son is Rodney Jerkins JR Joy Enriquez's daughter is Heavenly Joy Jerkins Joy Enriquez's daughter is Hannah Joy Jerkins Joy Enriquez's son is Royal Jerkins

Joy Enriquez's current partners:

Joy Enriquez's husband is Rodney Jerkins

Joy Enriquez's former partners:

Joy Enriquez dated Derek Jeter

Joy Enriquez's siblings:

Joy Enriquez's sister is Tiffany Enriquez Joy Enriquez's brother is Josh Enriquez

Joy Enriquez's in laws:

Joy Enriquez's father in law is Fred Jerkins Joy Enriquez's mother in law is Sylvia Jerkins Joy Enriquez's brother in law is Fred Jerkins Jr