Relationship History

Peter Sellers


2 children together

relationship began 15 Sep 1951
until 1961

Anne Levy

First wife of Peter Sellers
Anne Levy

Anne Levy Bio Details

Full name

Charlotte Anne Aspinwall Levy

Maiden name

Charlotte Anne Aspinwall Howe

Also known as

Anne Sellers




86 (approx.)

Date of birth


Anne Levy Children

Michael Sellers


Michael Sellers

with Peter Sellers

Son of Actor Peter Sellers

Sarah Sellers


Sarah Sellers

with Peter Sellers

Daughter of Comic Genius Peter Sellers

Anne Levy Family

Anne Levy's children:

Anne Levy's son was Michael Sellers Anne Levy's daughter is Sarah Sellers

Anne Levy's former partners:

Anne Levy had a relationship with Peter Sellers

Anne Levy's in laws:

Anne Levy's daughter in law is Alison Sellers Anne Levy's son in law is Eddie Escargot, Edward Greenhalgh

Anne Levy's former in laws:

Anne Levy's former daughter in law is Carolyn Athay