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Partners of 
Tammi Clark
Tammi Clark

Partners of 
Tammi Clark

Danny Fitzgerald


married 4 Jul 1998
divorce circa 2008

Joe Jungwirth


1 child together

married before 1992
divorce before Jul 2002

Brett Clark


Tammi Clark Bio Details

Full name

Tammi Clark

Maiden name

Tammi Cheri Case

Also known as

Tammi Fitgerald

Tammi Jungwirth




49 (approx.)

Date of birth

Jan 1968

Grandmother of Louis Tomlinson's child
Tammi Clark

Tammi Clark


49 (approx.)


Jan 1968

Tammi Clark Partner(s) Other Children

Tammi Clark Children

Briana Jungwirth

born 1992, age 25 (approx.)
with Joe Jungwirth

Mother of Louis Tomlinson's child

Austin Clark

step-child with Brett Clark

Tammi Clark Family

Tammi Clark's children:

Tammi Clark's daughter is Briana Jungwirth Tammi Clark's step-son is Austin Clark

Tammi Clark's current partners:

Tammi Clark's husband is Brett Clark

Tammi Clark's former partners:

Tammi Clark's former husband is Joe Jungwirth Tammi Clark's former husband is Danny Fitzgerald

Tammi Clark's grandchildren:

Tammi Clark's grandson is Freddie Tomlinson