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Partners of 
Catherine Martin
Catherine Martin

Partners of 
Catherine Martin

Baz Luhrmann


2 children together

Jan 1997

Catherine Martin Bio Details

Full name

Catherine Martin

Also known as






Date of birth

26 Jan 1965

Birth place

Sydney, Australia


NIDA, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney, Australia

East Sydney Technical and Fine Arts College, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Works in collaboration with her film director husband Baz Luhrmann, bringing his filmmaking ideas to life.  She has worked with him on a number of hit movies including Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby.  Regarding their work she said "Baz is the author, the one who generates the kernel of the idea, and I'm an applied artist, he's driving the motorbike, and I'm in the sidecar."


Received 2 in 2014 for Best Production Design and Best Costume Design for The Great Gatsby.

Academy Awards

Awarded 2 Oscars for Best Costume Design and Best Production Design for Mouline Rouge in 2002 and received the same awards again in 2014 for The Great Gatsby.

Catherine Martin Siblings



Award Winning Costume, Set and Production Designer 
Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin




26 Jan 1965

Catherine Martin Partner(s) Other Children

Catherine Martin Children

Lillian Luhrmann

born 2003, age 14 (approx.)
with Baz Luhrmann

Daughter of Film Director Baz Luhrmann

William Luhrmann

born 2005, age 12 (approx.)
with Baz Luhrmann

Son of Film Director Baz Luhrmann

Catherine Martin Family

Catherine Martin's parents:

Catherine Martin's father is Angus Martin Catherine Martin's mother is Claude Martin

Catherine Martin's children:

Catherine Martin's daughter is Lillian Luhrmann Catherine Martin's son is William Luhrmann

Catherine Martin's current partners:

Catherine Martin's husband is Baz Luhrmann

Catherine Martin's in laws:

Catherine Martin's father in law was Leonard Luhrmann Catherine Martin's mother in law is Barbara Luhrmann

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