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Harper Lee
Harper Lee

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Harper Lee

Harper Lee Bio Details

Full name

Nelle Harper Lee





Date of birth

28 Apr 1926

Birth place

Monroeville, Alabama, USA

Date of death:

19 Feb 2016

Place of death

The Meadows, Monroeville, Alabama, USA



Airline Employee


University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States

Harper Lee  was christened Nelle Harper Lee after her grandmother Ellen, but backwards!
Childhood friend of author Truman Capote.

Harper Lee Siblings

Alice Lee


Louise Conner


Edwin Lee


Author of To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee

Nelle Harper Lee




28 Apr 1926


19 Feb 2016

Harper Lee Family

Harper Lee's parents:

Harper Lee's father was Amasa Lee Harper Lee's mother was Frances Lee

Harper Lee's siblings:

Harper Lee's sister was Alice Lee Harper Lee's sister was Louise Conner Harper Lee's brother was Edwin Lee

Harper Lee's nieces and nephews:

Harper Lee's nephew is Edwin Conner Harper Lee's nephew is Hank Conner

Harper Lee's grandparents:

Harper Lee's grandfather was James Cunningham Finch Harper Lee's grandmother was Ellen Finch Harper Lee's grandfather was Cader Alexander Lee Harper Lee's grandmother was Theodosia Lee

Harper Lee's great grandparents:

Harper Lee's great grandfather was Tobias Draken Lee Harper Lee's great grandmother was Elizabeth Ann Lee

Harper Lee's uncles and aunts:

Harper Lee's aunt was Fanny Lee Harper Lee's uncle/aunt was Costula Lee Harper Lee's uncle was Stephen Samuel Lee Harper Lee's uncle was Henry Lee Harper Lee's uncle was Marvin Lee Harper Lee's uncle was Arthur Lee Harper Lee's uncle was Jesse Lee

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