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Richard Williams
Partners of 
Richard Williams

Father and Coach of Tennis Star Sisters Venus and Serena
Richard Williams

Richard Dove Williams




16 Feb 1942

Richard Williams Bio Details

Full name

Richard Dove Williams





Date of birth

16 Feb 1942

Birth place

Louisana, USA


Tennis Coach

Wrote a book about his life called Black And White: The Way I See It.

Richard Williams Siblings

Pat Williams


Barbara Williams


Penny Williams


Faye Williams


Partners of 
Richard Williams

Lakeisha Williams


1 child together


Oracene Price


2 children together

married 1980
divorce 2002

Betty Williams


5 children together

divorce 1973

Richard Williams Children

Richard Williams Partner(s) Other Children

Ronner Williams

with Betty Williams


with Betty Williams


with Betty Williams

Sabrina Deville

with Betty Williams

Half Sister of Tennis Stars Venus and Serena Williams

Richard Williams III

born 1965, age 52 (approx.)
with Betty Williams

Half Brother of Tennis Stars Venus and Serena Williams

Venus Williams

born 1980, age 36
with Oracene Price

Former World Number 1 in Tennis Singles

Serena Williams

born 1981, age 35
with Oracene Price

World Number 1 in Women's Tennis Singles

Dylan Williams

born 2012, age 5 (approx.)
with Lakeisha Williams

Half Brother of Tennis Stars Serena and Venus Williams

Richard Williams Family

Richard Williams's parents:

Richard Williams's father is R.D. Williams Richard Williams's mother is Julia Mae Williams

Richard Williams's children:

Richard Williams's daughter is Venus Williams Richard Williams's daughter is Serena Williams Richard Williams's son is Ronner Williams Richard Williams's daughter is Sabrina Deville Richard Williams's son is Richard Williams III Richard Williams's son is Dylan Williams

Richard Williams's current partners:

Richard Williams's wife was Lakeisha Williams

Richard Williams's former partners:

Richard Williams's former wife is Oracene Price Richard Williams's former husband is Betty Williams

Richard Williams's siblings:

Richard Williams's sister is Pat Williams Richard Williams's sibling is Barbara Williams Richard Williams's sister is Penny Williams Richard Williams's sister is Faye Williams

Richard Williams's grandchildren:

Richard Williams's grandson is Eli Deville Richard Williams's grandson is Solomon Deville

Richard Williams's in laws:

Richard Williams's daughter in law is Ana Williams