Ronnie Kray Bio Details

Full name

Ronald Kray





Date of birth

24 Oct 1933

Birth place

Hoxton, London, England, UK

Date of death:

17 Mar 1995

Place of death

Wexham Park Hospital, Slough, Berkshire, England, UK


Wood Close School, Brick Lane, East London, England, United Kingdom

Daniel Street School, Bethnal Green, East London, England, United Kingdom

As youngsters both Ronnie and Reggie were keen boxers.  In 1948 Reg was the schoolboy champion, and then the 1949  South East Divisional Youth Club Champion and ATC winner.  Both brothers turned professional but their careers were halted when called up into the Army.
Aged 20 years after being dishonourably discharged from the army the Kray twins took over a billiard hall and started their careers of "security" and extortion.  Ronnie's paranoid schizophrenia made him a very violent criminal who went on to murder.  Bisexual and certified insane Ronnie was jailed for a minimum of 30 years in 1969 and died in Broadmoor prison aged 61.

Ronnie Kray

One half of the notorious London gangsters, The Kray twins
Ronnie Kray

Relationship History

Kate Kray


marriage 1989
divorce 1994

Elaine Kray


marriage 11 Feb 1985
divorce Jun 1989

Professional Partners

Reggie Kray

Criminal Association

1953 - 1969

Ronnie Kray Siblings

Charlie Kray


Reggie Kray


Ronnie Kray Family

Ronnie Kray's parents:

Ronnie Kray's father was Charley Kray Ronnie Kray's mother was Violet Kray

Ronnie Kray's former partners:

Ronnie Kray's former wife is Kate Kray Ronnie Kray's former wife is Elaine Kray

Ronnie Kray's siblings:

Ronnie Kray's brother was Reggie Kray Ronnie Kray's brother was Charlie Kray

Ronnie Kray's grandparents:

Ronnie Kray's grandfather was Jimmy 'Cannonball' Lee Ronnie Kray's grandmother is 'Grandma' Lee May Lee Ronnie Kray's grandfather was 'Mad' Jimmy Kray Ronnie Kray's grandmother was Louisa Kray

Ronnie Kray's uncles and aunts:

Ronnie Kray's aunt is May Lee Ronnie Kray's uncle was Joseph Lee Ronnie Kray's aunt is Rose Lee