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Dwyane Wade


30 Aug 2014

Chris Howard


marriage 2001
divorce 2006

Jason Kidd

Childhood Romance

Gabrielle Union

Being Mary Jane Star
Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union Bio Details

Full name

Gabrielle Monique Union Wade

Maiden name

Gabrielle Monique Union





Date of birth

29 Oct 1972

Birth place

Omaha, Nebraska, USA


University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles, United States

In 1992, while working for Payless, Union was attacked and raped.  The attacker eventually handed himself in and was sent to prison.  Union has since become an advocate for survivors of assault.
Gained a degree in sociology from the University of California in Los Angeles.

Gabrielle Union Children

Zaire Wade


Zaire Wade

step-child with Dwyane Wade

Zion Wade


Zion Wade

step-child with Dwyane Wade

Xavier Wade


Xavier Wade

step-child with Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union Family

Gabrielle Union's parents:

Gabrielle Union's father is Sylvester Union Gabrielle Union's mother is Theresa Union

Gabrielle Union's children:

Gabrielle Union's step-son is Zaire Wade Gabrielle Union's step-son is Zion Wade Gabrielle Union's step-son is Xavier Wade

Gabrielle Union's current partners:

Gabrielle Union's husband is Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union's former partners:

Gabrielle Union's former husband is Chris Howard Gabrielle Union had a childhood romance with Jason Kidd

Gabrielle Union's in laws:

Gabrielle Union's father in law is Dwayne Wade Gabrielle Union's mother in law is Jolinda Wade Gabrielle Union's half-sister in law is Tragil Wade

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