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Partners of 

Partners of 

Tim Medvetz


2012 - 2013

Ron Zimmerman


dated from 2010
until 2010

Eric Clapton

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from about 1995
until about 1995

Richie Sambora


dated from 1989
until about 1989

Rob Camilletti


relationship began May 1986
until 1989

Josh Donen


dated from 1985
until 1987

Tom Cruise


dated from about 1985
until about 1985

Val Kilmer


dated from 1984
until about 1985

Ron Duguay


dated from about 1982
until about 1982

Les Dudek

On-Off relationship

relationship resumed 1980
until 1982

Gene Simmons


dated from 1979
until 1980

Gregg Allman


1 child together

married 1975
divorce 1979

David Geffen


dated from after 1973
until 1975

Sonny Bono


married 4 Mar 1969
divorce 1975

Warren Beatty

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from 1962
until 1962

Anthony Kiedis

Brief Liaison

Cher Bio Details

Full name

Cherilyn Sarkisian

Also known as

Cheryl LaPiere

Cher Bono All-man





Date of birth

20 May 1946

Birth place

California, USA




TV Host

TV Director

Singer & Recording Artist

Sonny and Cher first started performing together under the name "Caesar and Cleo"
Cher is one of the best selling artists of all time having sold over 100 million records worldwide and one of only six actors to have both a number one single and an Oscar for acting.  

Grammy Awards

2000 - Best Dance Record - Believe


1988 - Best Actress - Moonstruck

Golden Globes

1974 - Best TV Actress - The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour
1984 - Best Supporting Actress - Silkwood
1988 - Best Actress - Moonstruck

Cher Siblings

Georganne LaPiere
Georgeanne Bartylak


other parent: John Southall

The Flamboyant Goddess of Pop

Cherilyn Sarkisian




20 May 1946

Cher Partner(s) Other Children

Cher Children

Chaz Bono

born 1969, age 48 (approx.)
with Sonny Bono

The Only Child of Sonny & Cher

Elijah Blue Allman

born 1976, age 40
with Gregg Allman

Son of Cher and Gregg Allman

Christy Bono

born 1958, age 58
step-child with Sonny Bono

First Daughter of Singer Sonny Bono

Chesare Bono

born 1988, age 29 (approx.)
step-child with Sonny Bono

Son of Singer Sonny Bono

Chianna Bono

born 1991, age 26 (approx.)
step-child with Sonny Bono

Daughter of Singer & Politician Sonny Bono

Cher Family

Cher's parents:

Cher's mother is Georgia Holt Cher's father was John Sarkisian Cher's step-father was Gilbert LaPiere

Cher's former step-parents:

Cher's former step-father is Joe Collins Cher's former step-father is John Southall Cher's former step-father is Chris Alcaide

Cher's children:

Cher's son is Elijah Blue Allman Cher's son is Chaz Bono Cher's step-daughter is Christy Bono Cher's step-son is Chesare Bono Cher's step-daughter is Chianna Bono

Cher's former partners:

Cher had a brief liaison with Eric Clapton Cher dated Richie Sambora Cher dated Tom Cruise Cher had a brief liaison with Warren Beatty Cher dated Val Kilmer Cher dated Gene Simmons Cher's former husband is Gregg Allman Cher's former husband was Sonny Bono Cher had a brief liaison with Anthony Kiedis Cher dated Josh Donen Cher dated Ron Duguay Cher did reunite with Tim Medvetz Cher dated Ron Zimmerman Cher had a relationship with Rob Camilletti Cher had an on-off relationship with Les Dudek Cher dated David Geffen

Cher's siblings:

Cher's half-sister is Georganne LaPiere Georgeanne Bartylak

Cher's grandparents:

Cher's grandfather was Roy Malloy Crouch Cher's grandmother is Lynda Crouch

Cher's step-grandparents:

Cher's step-grandfather was Albert LaPiere Cher's step-grandmother was Tillie LaPiere

Cher's uncles and aunts:

Cher's uncle is Mickey Holt

Cher's in laws:

Cher's daughter in law is Queenie Allman

Cher's former in laws:

Cher's former brother in law was Duane Allman Cher's former father in law was Willis Allman Cher's former mother in law is Geraldine Allman Cher's former grandfather in law was John Allman Cher's former grandmother in law was Myrtle Allman Cher's former husband Gregg Allman's uncle in law was Howard Allman Cher's former father in law is Santo Bono Cher's former mother in law is Jean Bono Cher's former sister in law is Betty Bono Cher's former sister in law is Fran Bono

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