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Partner of 
Marika Green
Marika Green

Partners of 
Marika Green

Christian Berger


relationship began circa 1991

Marika Green Bio Details

Full name

Marika Nicolette Green





Date of birth

21 Jun 1943

Birth place

Sodermalm, Stockholm, Sweden

Marika Green Siblings

Walter Green


Swedish-French Actress
Bee in Emmanuelle (1974)
Marika Green

Marika Nicolette Green




21 Jun 1943

Marika Green Family

Marika Green's parents:

Marika Green's father is Lennart Green Marika Green's mother is Jeanne Green-Le Flem

Marika Green's current partners:

Marika Green has a relationship with Christian Berger

Marika Green's siblings:

Marika Green's brother is Walter Green

Marika Green's nieces and nephews:

Marika Green's niece is Eva Green Marika Green's niece is Joy Green

Marika Green's grandparents:

Marika Green's grandfather was Paul Le Flem Marika Green's grandmother was Jeanne Le Flem Marika Green's grandfather is Bror Ulrik Green Marika Green's grandmother was Mia Green

Marika Green's great grandparents:

Marika Green's great grandfather is Louis Le Flem Marika Green's great grandmother is Gabrielle Le Flem